armature to IPO

I’m working on a fight scene and was wondering if i could do armature to IPO in blender 2.62

i understand you can do this with an object without a rig…but thats not want i’d like to work with…

everyone knows that blender physics engine and game engine works well when you want to have objects for example dropping from the 10th floor of the tower(working fairly realistically)

the workflow that comes to my mind on this is too

  • create a couple of actions using armature animations/camera track(this can be done)…
  • map each action to a keyboard letter control(as you would normally for game in blender)
  • play the game(where each charecter fights each with precise physics-i.e. the charecter literally punching the other charecter who re-acts)[while this is going on, blender game engine is recording the actions to ipo]

whats to be achieved:

  • great for slowmotion scenes (the camera is left to the directors control after the IPOs recieved actions)
  • great to get accurate fighting scenes in game and cut scenes…
  • the chance to kill two birds with one stone(no harm intended) i.e. a game and a movie

if I understand you right, you want to record an action into an action?

But after u created the actions
assign each action to a key/selection keys
uplay tge game with ur chRecter vs Another charecter then
it records the key to ipo giiving the precise physics that can be gained from the game engine

u, r, t, a? Sorry I can’t translate this.