Armature to mesh

Is there perhaps a way that I could convert an armature into a mesh? I’ve got a little armature set up that looks exactly the way I want it. It’s and envelope type scaled precisely the way I like it. But Alt+C gives me nothing, just like I had actually expected.

Cant it be done?

Yes, there is a python script that will take an armature and convert it to a mesh for rendering.

alt c ??
works for most converting to mesh things.

Thanks, I’m going to check that one out right now.

Alt+C with an armature selected has no effect. You will not get a convert popup.

ardee, that’s unfortunately not exactly what I’m looking for. It has no support for envelope type armatures. Using a custom object doesn’t work right…

Why can’t I just visually transform the thing to a mesh…?

It doesn’t sound like exactly what you’re looking for, but just in case, there is this script: