armature transformation problem

I am using an armature to deform my character for the game engine. I used a lot of control bones and bone constraints to make the animations easier. My problem when I delete everything except the deformation bones even after keyframing them, there appear to be no animation on the bones. all the keyframes are still at zero

how are you running the animation in the BGE?
always and - Action
or always and armature?

if you are making an animation using a mesh, you can always create shape keys instead of motion keys, as well, for each frame step,

OKay, but I’m trying out Unity 3d and I need a simple armature deformed mesh. My rig contains copy location and rotation constraint, action contraint etc. Is there a way to keyframe them at the position they are in through the animations

You should be able to just select the bones themselves and press I to create an animation key-frame (that’s how I do it). I’m not sure about using other bones than the deforming bones, though, so I probably can’t help you. You might get more support in the general / animation section of the forum, since this isn’t BGE-specific.

Ok thanks Solar.