Armature vertex points not assigning properly

I’ve got two questions:

  1. After pushing the Select button under the Vertex Groups area while in Edit Mode while selecting a mesh (complexity is fun, eh?), the vertices that are connected to the armature of the mesh are selected. This is at it should be, and is good.

When I want to remove some vertices from this Vertex Group, I select the ones I want removed, and they go away. I check this by deselecting everything, and pressing the Select button again.

When I choose only the vertices that I want to be related to the specific armature, and I press the Assign button, I expect that the vertices that I’ve selected become the only ones assigned to this Vertex Group. Afterall, that’s what “assign” means. But that’s not the way it works.

Who is it that I try to convince to rename this button “Add”? I know this it nitpicky, but this is something really easy to do and would probably add to user interface functionality. “Assign” does not mean “add”.

  1. After assigning an armature to have a certain mesh as a parent (in my mind, this means I’m pushing the armature into a lump of playdough), I realised that that I had forgotten a space in one of the “bone”'s names, meaning that when I want a “Copied and Mirrored” pasting of the position of the armature, it won’t work properly. But after changing the name of a bone in this armature group, the armature was no longer a child of the mesh, and (in my mind) not stuck in the playdough any longer.

Is there a way (apart from due dilligence and discipline) that I can change a name and still have it be attached?

I’m using Blender 2.31a
Build 2003-12-02 21:02:48
Version Windows Dynamic

(I’ll be building from the CVS sources soon to see if the armature issue has been fixed.)

Thanks for any help you can offer,