armature+weight paint problems

Ok,so i created an armature for my (human) model.The tut i was folowing along told me that after im finished with making the bones,i have to add a modifier “Armature” to my object.I did it.But what does it actually do?After moving the bones,the meshes dont move with it.So what is the “armature” modifier for?And how do i “glue” to armature with the object?
So,when i assign vertices with the bones,and move the bone,again the meshes dont follow the bones…
And second:the x-mirror mode in the “weight paint” mode doesnt work right :frowning: .My object is mirrored,the two hands im painting are identical.But when i paint,they arent colored identically.Blender just misses some parts on the other hand.So,is this a bug or something?
I hope you understand what i mean:
I just want to know how to glue the armature with the object AND to know if the weight paint has some bugs.

Nobody knows?

same problem

Wait, Sorry for bumping this thread…

If you want the mesh to move with the armature, make sure to set the mesh’s armature OB to the same name as the armature.

hope this helps

:wink: Yes…this was a terrible thing for me at the beginning 'till i grabed that! It is all a matter of step by step procedure… missing one or jump over one and you’ll feel the pain! :cool:
But, after few experiences, you’ll find out everything is ok…

I still dont know what to do.
“set the mesh’s armature OB to the same name as the armature”- what do you mean?When adding “Armature” modifier?I do that.It still doesnt work.
Whats wrong with this ;( ??
My armatures highest head bone is “half outside” of the object.So it will be easyer seen.Thats not the problem right??
So what should i do?I dont feel so good :frowning:

There are several important things to remember when you’re trying to skin a mesh with an armature:
-The Armature Modifier on the mesh object needs to be set up correctly.
-The mesh object needs vertex groups with names that match those of each bone in the armature.
-Every vertex group must have vertices assigned to it, and those vertices must have weights applied other than zero.

It’s helpful to know both the manual and “semi-automatic” methods for skinning. It sounds like you’re trying to do it the manual way, which is more complicated, but also gives you more control.

When you add the Armature modifier, make sure the “Ob:” field has the correct name of your armature. Don’t touch anything else right now, except maybe to disable “Envelopes” and enable “Quaternio.”

At this point, your mesh shouldn’t respond to the armature. The simplest way to proceed would be, in object mode, to select first the mesh, then the armature. Hit Ctrl+PKey to make the mesh a child of the armature. You’ll get two menus. On the first, select “Armature,” and on the second select “Name groups.” That will create vertex groups based on the bones in your mesh.

Make sure you go to the F7 buttons window, with the mesh selected, and delete the name of the armature from the “Par:” field. For some reason, having an armature as a parent of a mesh it deforms can sometimes create weird deformations.

Now, select the armature and hit Ctrl+Tab to go into Pose mode. Without leaving pose mode, select the mesh object, and hit Ctrl+Tab again. That puts you in Vertex Paint / Pose mode. You can select a bone you want to paint verts for, grab, rotate and scale those bones to see the effect, and paint vertex groups all at the same time.

If this doesn’t solve the issue, there may be something else going on. If there’s still a problem, try uploading a .blend file so we can try to find the problem.