Armature Won't Move Mesh -- Help!

Work on the skeleton (the full armature) in my scene has finished. I’ve also imported a nice mesh to animate and am now connecting the skeleton to the mesh.

The problem is that the finger I’ve rigged isn’t moving with the skeleton. There are vertex groups “finger11.R” and “finger12.R”. The hand has bones “finger11.R” and “finger12.R” (two bones in the thumb).

However, when I move the IK_finger1.R bone (ref. “Blender Doc: Rigging a Hand and Foot”), the bone moves as a finger should but the mesh remains in place.

I will provide a link to my .blend file later (I’m at work now).

Any ideas from my description would be most appreciated,


Did you parent the mesh to the armature? I know, kind of a stupid question, but it sometimes is the obvious stuff that you sometimes forget.

If it is parented, then I don’t know. Should work.


My model functions as expected after parenting the mesh to the armature.

Sometimes, it’s the simplest things that are forgotten.

Blushing, Bob