Armature Won't Work In Blender :(

Hey everyone,

We are making a game in Blender and at the moment
our biggest problem is getting the animations to work.
I’m pretty confident that it’s a simple something that we’ve forgot to do.

The model is rigged up with an armature, all the constraints are done,
the armature modifier has been applied to the mesh. A walk cycle has been
animated and named accordingly.
Now we tried to apply logic to the armature which said:

Always - And - Action: Walk.

Nothing happened. It’s like the model reverted back to it’s default model
and ignored the armature.

Any ideas would be very very welcome.


Armature in Pose mode?
No connection between Logic bricks ( yes, it happens)?
Pulse button not enabled in the Always Sensor?
Post a .b maybe?!


There are connections between the logic bricks
and the pulse button is enabled :frowning:

Here’s a link to a zip file containing the .blend

Thank you,

I’ve had some success with animation in the engine.
It was regarding parenting the mesh to the armature which
I assumed I wouldn’t have to do.

Anyway, now the problem is the collisions wont work with it.
It bounces of the terrain and high into the air. When it
lands it falls through the terrain.

Select the character object, enter edit mode, select all faces, do Ctrl-F keys, choose Face Mode Clear and then, Collision.
Now it should work…I hope?!

sounds like a good idea.
But it didn’t work. Does the model have to be
dynamic? Because when he is he just bounces!

this is going to sound like a joke.
But I’ve now worked out Collisions (by importing a new mesh)
BUT now the movement is screwed up. All the movement values are the same as they
have always been, but now the character flies forward and wont stop like its looping.
I havent changed any logic.

This is a nightmare, someone please help.

My previous post would have helped you, but unfortunately it grew legs and walked off, but not before crashing my computer, burning down my home, and creating a hybrid virus that destroyed the entire continent of Asia.

Actually, there are hundreds of things you can do wrong in the GE, and just about everyone runs into these problems. This is why there are so many posts on collision issues, parenting issues, and camera issues (usually the same as parenting issues). I didn’t download your .blend, so I can’t tell you exactly what you did wrong (lo siento), but I’m sure someone with more motivation than myself will be more thorough. Just take some solace in the fact that everyone runs into these things at first.

These words of encouragement were brought to you by the letter M.