hey Ive got my character rigged and the I try and hook up the blocks and then I push p an nothing happens non of my armatues move

  1. Did you use vertex groups instead of weight painting?
  2. Are you sure the bricks are correct?
  3. Can you post either pics or a blend?

heres the .blend


zombie.blend (396 KB)

I also need help with rigging the zombie

Is any body there?

no, nobody is here

ok seriosly I need help.

I am looking at the blend…which is very confusing =/

whats confusing?

all the settings are messed up

I cant figure it out =[ sorry

i looked at your .blend, some important settings were missing or wrong. i uploaded the fixed blend, so you can have a look at it and compare the settings with your “old” .blend and to figure out what’s different. Most important:

  • you used envelopes without knowing it
  • the vertex groups and weights were messed up

i would recommend to read some more about blenders animation system and the restrictions the bge has. Maybe do some rigging tutorials…

hope this helps


zombie.blend (481 KB)