Armatured Mesh + Particles Problem

Hey, im trying to put a particle system onto a mesh which is being deformed (Bent around) by a armature. Ive got the mesh to emit particles, easy enough, but they dont emit from the mesh when it moves to a different position. They simply continue to emit from the original place, even though the mesh (and verticies) have bent away.

Any ideas?

Ive tryed using ‘Static’ and then ‘animated’ - the particles do follow the deforming mesh but no longer move at all. They are simply static in movement. :no:

Thanks - AD-Edge

edit Seems like this has been a problem for a looooooong time. Been searching previous posts but no-one has really got an answer. Is there anything that can be done??? Any 2.43 (or lower) builds which have this problem fixed??

That’s an IcoSphere parented to the head.bone in 2.43.


Thanks, helped a lot! :yes: