armaturePANEL [0.1.0] [2.79]


This add-on serves as a 3D view shortcut to armature and bone options it also has an operator for aligning custom shapes to bones.

Note - The armature object and the custom shape object must both be on visible scene layers.

:: Download [2.79] ::


Thanks you a lot Proxe, great Add-on!

glad you like it :slight_smile:

Awesome, look useful! Will try it out soon.

Hopefully I’ll have an update soon.

Update, Added a Simple Version, and Auto Name Custom Shapes.

If you guys have any ideas for improving this addon I would like to here them

Cool addon! One thing that I would love to see in blender about the shape key… is to have a control in the shape bone to adjust the scale of the shape bone individually. For now, the scale is set by the length of the bone and by the size of the mesh you use. But when you use the same shape for several bones, then you don’t really have control. I would love to be able to resize the shape key but just localy and without have to create another Mesh object with the same look but just at a different scale.

I don’t know if it’s possible, but I would love it.

Thanks for sharing.

I’m not exactly sure on what you mean, like having multiple scale values for the same object?

I did think of something just now, creating operator for mirroring custom bone shapes, I’ll add it into the shape to bone operator, would basically scale the custom shape by -1 on its local x axis then apply it. I suppose I should also put the auto naming feature in in the operator and I could always add an input field so that the rigger can decide on the prefix that she desires or wether or not to prefix the object data. I just like the little car :slight_smile:

I’m not exactly sure on what you mean, like having multiple scale values for the same object?

Kind of.

For example, if I’m using a circle for my fingers. I would use the same circle for all my fingers, since the bones are all different, and the size of the fingers are different, it would be nice to have a way to scale them independently from the object mesh.

I hope it makes sens.


As it is this isn’t possible and would be hard to manage if it was, however it would be cool if custom bone shapes could use different shapekeys as an alternative, in that case you would assign the bone shapes as normal but would also have the option to select a specific shapekey as the final geometry of the custom bone shape, this way one object could cover most if not all your custom shapes or could have a driver set that would allow the custom shape to adjust its geometry as needed to make your rig look that much more awesome :slight_smile:

Update, been awhile since I have done anything to this add-on, hope you guys like the new features and look.

I am thinking about making a stand-alone add-on for the aligning shapes to bones, the add-on would have all the features available within this add-on pertaining to aligning custom bone shapes but would speed up the workflow in that you would not have to first create an object in order to assign it, and there would be the options to decide what type of mesh object primitive is created initially when the operator is invoked & there is not currently an object assigned to the custom shape slot.

What do you guys think, would you prefer to have the align shape to bone operator implemented as a separate add-on? the features I described above could easily be added to the current add-on. Does anyone have any feature requests?

Hey guys I may be reviving this add-on soon :slight_smile:

awesome job :slight_smile:

I am thinking that it will be much the same, however I will make shape to bone operator a batch operator for all bones in selection and I am thinking that I will create a custom shape library, and maybe, just maybe a Create Rig Panels operator, that would create a layers and custom property panel for you :slight_smile:

Edit - Decided to create separate addons for these tasks.

Alright guys, update available on github, updated for Blender version 2.76.

Fixed a few issues the addon should work again correctly.

Improved the custom shape to bone operator, restructured the layout of the panel.