ArmaturePhysics library release for Blender 2.49


I have made a physics library called ArmaturePhysics. It is a set of python files that can be used together with Blender 2.49b to run physical simulations on Blender armatures. The main purpose is to aid in character animation. For example one can specify what forces are acting on a character (rigged by an armature), and ArmaturePhysics will
calculate the motion and rotation of the character. One can also use the library to simulate mechanical systems such as a bow shooting an arrow, or a tree shaking after the impact of some thrown object.

You can download the library, and view video tutorials, here:

The user interface is partially python, so you will need to edit some parameters in a python file. The python file is included in the Blender template files that are on the home page. There is also a graphical user interface, and some settings are made in the Blender 3D view. For example, if you name a bone “Force”-something, the bone will be interpreted as a force arrow. The direction and magnitude of the force is set by regular blender pose keying.

There is naturally a bit of a threshold to get started using this library, but once you have gotten the hang of it and set up your parameter file to your liking, running a simulation is just a click away (fingers crossed).

I hope you will find it useful!



That is quite impressive…

You’re kidding me! I just posted this on BlenderStorm a couple of days ago!

Awesome work; I’d love to see a port of this for 2.5x. =)

thank you for sharing the library. It looks very interesting.
If you don’t mind i will set a link to your project on blenderWiki.

error found on your homepage: Release date seems to be wrong: 2010-09-29 instead of 2010-08-29

Thanks guys,

@Senshi: No kidding - now you can do your rope, and more:-) As for the porting to 2.5, that may well happen.
@migius: No problemo - and thanks for pointing out the date. Fixed it.

Haha, awesome! Looking forward to it! =)

Thanks for sharing this Rickard. I have been struggling with an animation involving a monkey swinging in a tree. The difficulty of getting decent, realistic ipo curves has been insurmountable until now, especially for the reaction of the tree to the movement of the monkey.I have experimented with using the Bullet physics engine, via the game console. But the hassle of fitting the generated ipos to bones was difficult and time consuming. Now you have given us an intuitive system to apply physics forces direct to the armature. It’s a fantastic achievement. Thank you again,


ps. with regard to porting to 2.5: I have had nothing but trouble with 2.5. It is still very much in Beta so I would urge you to continue working in 2.49b until such time as all the wrinkles have been sorted in the new program

Ross: Well there is a tutorial on the home page using forces and IK-constraints, for a monkey swinging in a tree, as I am sure you have noticed. You can alternatively use hold bones, to fix the hand of the monkey to the tree branch, and then key the pose of the monkey. The force on the tree branch can be found from the scale of the hold bone. See tutorial about swinging on to a horse for something related to this method. Thanks for the 2.50 tip :slight_smile:

a link to your project is placed on blenderWiki here

It so amazing!!!
I want this all my life!
I would like to use this in 2.5.
With custom properties in 2.5,I think that will much easy to use this script.
I will study more.
Thank you very much!

@migius: Thanks for the wiki page.
@harrisyu: I am glad you find it useful :slight_smile:

This is very cool- I poked the Blender devs a few months back about implementing “dynamic constraints” but I think they couldn’t be bothered what with a little movie called Durian and all :wink: Great to see someone working on this.