Armatures, actions and GE... what's wrong with me?

I just can’t figure it out: I made my armature and declared it as an dynamic actor, baked the actions and properly placed them in the logic bricks all the way the tutorials say… and still nothing happens. Can somebody help, please?

Here it is the blend file:

take some screenshots, include more detail, or include a blend and yes someone will try to help you

Where is my mind? well there’s the blend file, I hope someone can help me

ok if no one else helps you by tomorrow afternoon I’ll see what I can do - right now I’m doing something so please try to be patient thanks

Parent your mesh to the armature.

The IK solver might not work (at least not in 2.42a).
For dynamic objects you should have a ground.

I hope this helps

Monster is right, you did not parent the mesh to the armature properly.

Thanks to you all, now its working!