Armatures and mechs?

(Dittohead) #1

is there a tutorial on how to setup armatures to animate a mech. like from battletech.

(BlenderBob) #2

I would think any Armature tut. would do it. Personally i would think doing armatures for a mech would be harder than say haveing each leg and arm (ect.) seperate and parented to the main body and just rotating them. That just personal cause i find it de-complicates (is that a word?) things for me. :-? . Anywho, just find a site that has a armature tut. (I’m at skool so i don’t have my list of sites).


(Eric) #3

when animating a mech you don’t have to use vertex-deforming, therefore you choose ‘BONE’ instead of ‘armature’ when you parent the mesh the the armature. (I haven’t tried it yet thought =), only with the old IKA’s)

(Paul_C) #4

I have tried this technique. It works GREAT. It is really easy to animate your character when parenting single onjects to single bones, especially if it is robotic, since a mech is made up of “solid” rigid objects (unless you want tubes for the elbows, or that sort of thing.) YOu don’t have to assign vertex groups, or anything.

If you have realplayer, check out my “botboy” animation on this page (copy and paste link) it uses this technique and I got a good result.

PS: A new website is in development, thanks to a work colleague of mine who scored me some cheap webspace. Many of my animations will be going over there, and will be in better formats: ie - movs and mpegs. Me hate realplayer too, but me admit: files are teeny.