armatures going wrong when moving, need help!

ok this is wierd…i subdivided my little person i made once to give him more vertices and more flexibility, and now that ive linked the armatures to him, when i move i get this really awful thing happening, heres some shots, first is before i move with the bones in normal position, second is after i rotate

what strikes me is that its leaving the corner points as they are and only taking middle points

made up of cubes, subdivided once, i can supply a picture of the vertexes if need be

Well, if it’s weight painting youre using, you should check your weights to make sure nothing’s nbeen left out. If it’s envelopes you’re using, then you should make sure all the envelopes are big enough. Another thing to check is the order of modifiers; for example, is the armature modifier before or after the subsurf modifier? Switching things like that around can help sometimes, due to some modifiers changing the actual geometry being deformed.