armatures+ IK = crash

I would like to start by saying that I did several searches for this first.

I’m making a mech for my current project, and I decided to test a simple walkcycle in the GE. I used IK bones, and I was (am) under the impression that they cause problems. Sure enough, my game worked fine until I hit escape, and then it crashed. I says to myself, I says, “maybe I should bake the action”, so I did, and removed the IK constraint.
Yaay, the game doesn’t crash any more. Oh, wait, baking the animation did absolutely nothing but add more IPOs; the IK bone moves, and the legs stay solidly in one place.

Unfortunately, I cannot post a .blend thanks to dial-up and working on an offline computer.

Many thanks in advance to all who help.

[edit] oh, and I tested this oth on 2.42 and on one of the 2.43 RC’s (I think it’s the most recent one…)

simple fix my friend… make sure your blendin value is set to 0 - then u’ll be fine :wink:

great, I’ll try that as soon as my brother stops playing CS.

as a side question, if it doesn’t bake constraints, what’s the point of baking an action?

[edit] I put the blendin to 0 and it worked like a charm. Many thanks.

get this script:

well, i’ve tryed your script and it makes my blender crash :frowning:

ps : in my rigging, i’ve got some “copy rotation constrains”
well i just wanna bake all animation of all my bones to remove all thoses constrains but it’s not working well :frowning: