armatures in 2.40a1

I need to use blender 2.40a1 because the export script to obj8 format for x-plane requires it. When creating an armature in this new version, I can’t get it to form continuous bones joined end to-end as in the previous version. Is there any way to do this?

Select the end of the last bone, hit Ctrl+left mouse button, just as if you were adding verts to a mesh.


huh. tried that–doesn’t seem to work?

It does work. Add >> Armature. You now have 1 bone in Edit mode with the Tip (smallend) selected and active. You can either Ctrl-Leftclick with your Mousecursor where you want the next tip to be, or you can hit E and extrude your next bone and so on…


Yup, that works; the extrude command gets the result I was looking for. Many thanks for your kind assistance.