Armatures in blender

Guys I need help I’m a little new to blender and I have this Sonic model I want to know how to join the parts of my Sonic model (it looks so much like a heroes model) while retaining the color. It is more than 16 parts so please help.

If there is a way to add color to different parts of the model after joining them that would be good as well

Do you have more than 16 materials? if not, just join the objects, they should keep their materials. If they dont, just go into the editing buttons under links and materials and re-assign them to faces.

If you have more than 16 materials, I would ask you why all of the parts need to be part of the same object? If you want to rig the character, you can have multiple objects controlled by one rig.

Hey that really was helpful thanks. I solved my problem. I was planning to use the models for an upcoming game. Since you helped me if it comes out I will give you credit.