Armatures In Game Engine

I AM SO ANGRY!!! :mad:
I cant figure out how to use armatures in the game engine. I’ve looked EVERYWHERE for tutorials, and only found one (
Unfortunately, after completing the tutorial, I still could not get armatures to work in the game engine. I know I followed the tutorial exactly!!! But when I press P, the mesh just goes back to the rest position.
I did everything perfect and set the logic to play the action with the armature. I just can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong.
Can anyone tell me if there is anything wrong with this tutorial, or give me a link to a better one. Thanks.

You have to make the animation an action instead of an ipo by using the action editor and the action actuator (which is only found on the armature) you also have to parent the mesh to the armature.

here’s one, very old but maybe useful:

I have a few links to tutorials about armatures in the GE in my sig. I think I used to have the one that you looked at.

did you set the range of the action in the actuator?

Yeah. I made sure I did everything right. I parented the mesh to the armature, created an action and made a action actuator and set the range I cant figure out what I did wrong. But I’ll try that tutorial.

Well, post a .b file, maybe?!

Did you parent the armature, and also create the groups of which bones parent which vertices? Also did you use all three bricks (not just the acuator, but the sensors and controllers?

This is another reason why I’m looking forward to the new book on the game engine. From the looks of the YouTube video, there should be a lot of stuff on the topic:

I think the book will be out in July.

Yep. I did everything right. Parented the armature, assigned the vertices, set the logic bricks and an action with the range and everything.
I really don’t know why the armature isn’t working.

post the blend