armatures in GE?! is this possible?

hi everyone i have another problem.
im making a FPS and i made a hand to hold the gun so its not just floating there. and i made by putting a picture in the background and making a plane to extrude to the shape then subsurfing it. then i added armatures to it so i could easly make ipos and animations with it. and it works fine but when i try to go into game mode blender crashes, it didn’t before i made the armatures. is it because my computer is a peice’o crap HP pavilion or is it because you cant have armatures in game mode?

Well of course you can armatures in the game engine, it would really suck if you couldn’t.
Don’t know why it crashes though.

oh, yeah i figured out that it works if i delete the arm.
ive tryed it on all my computers and it crashes on every single one unless i delete the arm.

Post the blend and I’ll see if it crashes on my computer

ok, here it is. its 8.33 MB so it wouldn’t let me post it here, so heres a link to were i uploaded it to. just click on the link and it should start downloading.

i know it doesn’t look great but im kinda a beginner and this is the first time i ever made a gun or an arm :wink:

i know it sucks right now but its the first time i ever made a gun or an arm;)

There’s nothing wrong with the armatures, it’s the subsurf. Subsurf is not supported in the GE.

Hi, take a look at this [ATTACH]46595[/ATTACH]
409kb file!
Compare the frame rate of this blend with the original
the arms messed up because I just ran the poly reducer script on it

Everything needs to be low-poly, I would remake the hand to something less
then 500 verts, find a low-poly gun like in Social’s FPS template (350 vertices)
and replace the four planes that are more then 16,000 verts each with one plane

Also if you have to many bones it will slow down your game,

Hope this helps and good luck with your game