Armatures in GE

How do I use Armatures in GE? I opened Action editor and placed the keyframes on how I want to bones to move(Just a constant rocking motion of the head) and I added logic blocks to the Armature Always>And>Action(play the action) but that doesnt work, plus I also added logic to the character Always>And>Ipo still doesnt work, and I set the frams start at 0 and end at 10…Can anyone tell me how to use Armatures in GE or what im doing wrong?

set it to start at frame 1…

also Envelopes dont work… you need to manualy assign the vertecys to the bones, weightpainting also works for this

Ive even tried Start at 1 and end at 10, plus I assigned the bones via Weightpainting, but still no luck. But I see a BAKE Button, do I have to bake the animation?

No, you will just get more keys.

you can check

  • that you have not switch on rest position.
  • action name matches with the action you defined.
  • the parenting is correct (mesh to armature).

Can you see the animation in the editor?

Ok I parented it right. Plus Yes I can playback the animation in the 3D view pot and the editor.

Hmm…I tried baking and yeah it doesnt do anything.