Armatures in GE

The attached blend file has a very simple character parented to an armature. The armature plays continously a BAKED walking cycle action.

I have two problems:

When I press “P” inside Blender all seems to work well but the ESC key makes blender crash.

In the other hand, when it is played as a runtime (.exe format in XP) the mesh part that belongs to the legs does not follow the bones the same way that it does in Blender.

What’s wrong?

This is what I get in the EXE and inside Blender.

This is the link to the blender file.

It happens in both 2.41 and 2.42a.

Thanks in advance,

Any hint?

Can anybody confirm if the BAKE button works OK in 2.42a?

I tryed the following in 2.26 and 2.42a:

  • create an armature with an IK constraint
  • create an action
  • bake the action
  • delete de IK constraint
  • Atl-a (playing the baked action)

In 2.26 the keys created in the BAKED action follow the rules of the original armature (constraints included), but in 2.42a the keys of the calculated bones remained in the rest position.

What am I doing wrong?


I can at least confirm that the same thing happens on my computer, so it’s not just you.

slorenzo check out the latest post on blendernation. I wonder if your problems are related.

The article talks about a 3 day’s bug. I think that constraints (or Baked actions) were not working for much longer in blender.
Thanks again.