armatures in general need guidance

ok some of you might have seen my gary character in the wip section but i need guidance on how to do some certain things. First of all how do you make a bone travel up and down like a jaw for example using ik solvers if so can u tell me how to set them up please or any other ways, all i can do is hinge at the jaw and things at the moment which provides for of an arc type movement i know u can move it in an arc and then move the second bone to striaghten it out but is there a simpler way?

Hope You Can Help


I was going to say something about human jaws not moving that way, but he does look like his jaw dropping straight down would work.

Just don’t “connect” the bone. It should still have a parent, but un-click the “con” button. Then constrain the movement to only the Z axis.

You also might try just putting the hinge point behind his head somewhere, that might give a little more realistic effect than the direct drop, but still be very cartoon like.

I’m pretty new to this whole thing, so there might be a better way. check out my post count!