Armatures make mesh bounce off screen?

I just made all the animations for a character, but. Once i define the armature as a dynamic object, and press “P”, the object (character mesh) Bounces off screen. With out pushing anyother button. If i’d set the mesh as a dynamic object and not the armature, the movement (defined by the armature), remains as a location force, and if i set it as a Linear velocity or simple force it just dont work. Any idea of what is causing this?, How could i solve it?, If you dont know what kind of game is this, well its a bonus level for another game, somekind of sidescrolling bonus, if you need a link to an example (not made by me), i can post it, as well as a video of my character bouncing away.

select the character object, enter Edit Mode, select all faces, in the Texture Face Panel disable collision and then press the Copy Button.
It should work now, I hope!

It “half” work, looks like it’s the problem, but the character (you can change his clothes!), alone with the defaulth clothes does not bounce if i do what you said, but if you add boots or anything it bounce, even if i set that “no collision” to the boots, maybe you can only handle 1 object?, i’d like to know.

Are they both “Dynamic”? Avoid that!