armatures not moving corectly

hello i have made a character that i want to use for an animation. now i have put the bones and stuff in and all the bones move correctly except the right arm. when ever i move the right arm the bones come out of the arm and the arm slightly moves and slightly grows depending on the angle its moving on. if you dont really understand my question take a look for your self with this .blend file

im using blender 2.49b

someone going to answer. im guessing its just the blender version

The left arm mesh is scaled in size, I reset that with crtl-a -> apply scale & rot. Then with the arm mesh selected, I went into the vertex groups and deleted all vertex groups but bone.012 - bone.015, so now I know that only those 4 bones can affect the mesh. Then I used weight painting to adjust the weights for those 4 bones. As is, those bones had practically no influence on the mesh, once adjusted it works fine. Looks to me like maybe you might have used the bone-heat feature to generate the weights and it didn’t work so good.

Took a look at the right arm and can’t check the weight painting on that side, because the arm mesh is scaled in negative x. Resetting the scale should let you check that side out, if needed.


thnaks i really happy you answerd. and yes i did you the bone heat. i guess ill have to try that out