Armatures on more than one mesh at once

Hi guys,

Can this be done?

For example, I have created a skeleton character and seperately, a pair of pants.

I have moved the pants to the location on the character they should be and grouped them to the character.

I now want to use one skeleton armature and have it move both the character and the pants accordingly, but im having problems trying to get it to work, so my question is, can this actually be done?

If you select the pants, then select the character and then the armature and press CTRL + P then you get the option to create from bone heat twice which makes me think it may work (as there are pants and a character), but I cannot get it to work, so thought id ask on here before I moved on?

Thank you

You do it correct. But after <Ctrl>+<P> Blender should ask

Make Parent To

  • Armature
  • Object
    You should select Armature

Then Blender asks:

Create Vertex Groups?

  • Choose your option
    If it still does not work make sure the vertex groups are setup correctly.

I hope it helps