Armatures question

(gryphon) #1

When parenting meshes to armatues, is it necesary that only 1 mesh be the child to the Armature, or can I make multiple meshes the children of a single armature? I ask this because my 'droid has WAY too many vertices to be all joined into a single mesh. Even if I decimate the mesh like mad, it still comes to way too high a vertice count. What I’d LIKE to do is just leave the 'droid the way it is (all parts are separate) and animate like that.
If I set the vertex groups correctly, and just parented all the meshes to the armature, using the correct bone-names and all, would it work?

BTW, what’s the maximum number of vertices per mesh?

(Hos) #2

Yes – it is possible to do this and it is probably your best option
(I tend to separate my characters in a few pieces too, mainly
to isolate the parts that need RVK’s from the rest of the

If you are making a droid that is composed of non-bending
parts you can always parent the individual parts to different
bones (then you don’t have to deal with weight groups at all).
This might be the best approach for a robot – experiment!


P.S. I think the maximum vert count is somewhere around 60000
(someone will correct me if I’m wrong).

(S68) #3

Max vert count in single mesh is 65536 or 64k (you now, programmers love to think in powers of 2 :slight_smile: )