Armatures repository?

Like a premede armature with animations.Ill do the rigging myself.
Like a ready-to-use quadripedal armature with walking,running animations.So ill just apply the weights and stuff.
I know theres a model repository but couldnt find any armature repository.

Never mind.
I guess mocap is what i need

If you have access to Poser, you can export a BVH from a horse, dog, cat figure etc… as a single frame. Then import into Blender to obtain an armature.

Dont get what you mean

Can you give us a step by step tutorial? I have DAZ Studio and am interested in trying this out.

I don’t know if DAZ Studio has that feature. But try this.

Select your figure.
Go to the file menu and choose export BVH (if daz has that). Choose one frame length.
Go to Blender and import BVH.
After import, you will have an armature in Blender, not your entire figure.

I am pretty much at the point of giving up on armatures, however so I wrote a script called “Meshfoot” to create a workable pathway between Poser and Blender.

Here is an example the default horse running.