Armatures - rotation in details

(Claws) #1

Hi, Im wondering what to read up on or if anybody could explain it to me in plain english how the rotation curves of an armature works?

Ive been sitting and staring at the curves, yanking and pulling them to see if i could understand it.

I think i get why there need to be two curves for a clock- (or counter-) wise rotation, but i simply don’t understand how to modify them. Zquat and Wquat seems to be the factor here…

So is there something i could read explaining the basics of this or is it so obvious that someone in here could explain it to me without spending hours writing it down?

A bit frustrated right now, i NEEEEED to know! :wink:

(theeth) #2

armature rotations are quaternions, and those are better not edited by hand, unless you really know what you are doing.
Xquat, Yquat, Zquat: a vector in space
Wquat: a rotation around that vector