Armatures set up but Mesh isn't moving

Hello folks, I’m new around here and new to Blender (and modelling in general). I’ve set up a pretty basic player model, and set the armatures up to prepare some basic animation. I’ve set the vertex groups and have parented the mesh with automatic weights. When I try to move the armature in pose mode the mesh won’t move and the armature appears to be locked in it’s current position.

I’m probably missing something easy here, and I’d like to solve this issue so I can test the model out properly in my Torque 3D project. I have attached my .blend file for reference to what I have done so far.

Thank you!


PlayerModel1.blend (905 KB)

In object mode turn off the ‘Manipulate Center Points’ option on the 3d view header. This will allow you to rotate the armature bones.

Select your character and enable the Armature modifier in Realtime option (eye button)


Thanks alot, that fixed it!

Thank you so much! Now I can finish a large project of mine!:slight_smile: