armatures stopped working

OK, either I’m missing something or I screwed something up.

For some reason an armature in my scene, which is skinned to a character, no longer deforms the character at all. Its still parented to the mesh, the weights are there, but when I rotate bones nothing happens.

Also, if I create a new object and new armature and skin it, that armature will also not do anything.

I do have another skinned character in my scene which is still working fine for whatever reason.

I deleted some actions from the databrowser, after which I was browsing around in there. I dont think I did anything I shouldn’t have, but I could have since this seems wierd.

Anyone have any ideas on what I might have done?


EDIT: I made a new blend and appended everything into it, and now everything seems back to normal. Still its wierd. I’d still be interested if anyone knows what I might have done, so I never do it again. :o

this is how i skin,…:
name bones
make vertice groups w the same names
ctrl P >> use armature >> don’t create groups.

should work.