armatures: they dont do what i want!

(gecko) #1

I buid up a system of armatures yesterday to animate “April”. Now I’ve got some problems with the arms.

here you can see the arm and the armature linked together.

now, if I rotate the armature, the arm doesn’t follow with the same speed, and gets smaler and smaler!

why does the arm not move in the same way the armature does?? I tried a lot, but I di not found a solution, so I hope you can help me.

(OTO) #2

Hello gecko,
i guess that the arm share his vertices with other bone
Check the groups with the select button if a “foreign” group
“lights” arm’s verts.
If this don’t works, clean the arm.
Select the group, remove and reassign.

(gecko) #3

thanks for your hlep!