armatures wont deform

i notice that after i rig an object and then add material to the object (to make it more or less shiny) the object will no longer deform “in game”. as soon as i delete the materials the object can deform again, but is more or less shiny than i want it to be. (ie: cloth is reflecting light)

i dont recall having this problem before… what did i do wrong?


are you using 2.46? if it is so there is a bug with display list that when enabled, object textures using UV doesnt deform from the armature anymore .
I tested it again in the apricot build and it seems to have been fixed.

its a bug, i thought it might be… well thats going to bog down operations for a while… unless…

hm. where might i find this “Apro crat build” of which you speak.

wow NJROTC I know you are not new but are you leaving under a rock or something? go get the latest apricot build here:

oooo… looks cool. but, is it stable?
ill try it.

you don’t need a new blender build. I had that same problem. The only way I could fix it was to unparent the armature then reparent it a few times. It’s a pain, but it works

I’d say that apricot is stable. I’m building it myself through svn so sometimes I get little bugs or kinks, but that is to be expected with the most up-to-date revisions, and they are usually fixed very quickly.