These are causing me headaches man i have paased on from the stage of using particles, and tracking things to a path so i want to move on to character animtion. i add the armature to the mesh i want to move but when i parent them and then move the armature points nothing happens i think i am missing something but i am not sure what. If you can help me plz do or you have any tutorials for me to look at thanks

check the docs:


or, make sure that you are selecting the mesh first then the armature, then parenting

it should give you a menu that asks wether you want to name groups, auto assign vertex groups, or do nothing

hope this helps


i am frankly now getting wit dis now cuz it is dong mi head in frigin sites dnt tell u how to animate and add contraints to the frigin armatures so they work i do what most of them tell me to du and then it dnt Frigin work Help ME FFS [!] [!] [!] :x :x :x :x [!] [!] [!] :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

whats your problem? since i learned blender from tutorials in the first place (and i don’t consider myself uber-intelligent) i say - read carefully and follow the instructions. if something goes wrong, trash the blend and start from scratch. if it helps, go for a walk or drink a beer. funny language, by the way.

mmmm beer cheers but i cant find any decent tutorials that actually show u how to du stuff they just go on about this and that

wuh are u speaking english? i cant understand the words that are coming out of ur keyboard

Here is what you might be missing: vertex groups.

When you build an armature, you have to tell Blender what object is to be influenced by that armature … you do that by parenting. But then you must tell Blender exactly how the armature is to affect that object.

One option is that the armature simply affects the object as a whole. The “Rigging Mechanics” tutorial at is all about that.

Another option is that the armature should only affect certain points, as in the case of a finger-bone that only influences part (specifically, one finger) of a “hand” mesh. The “Skinning” tutorial at covers that quite thoroughly.

“Vertex groups” are how you identify the various points, such as a group named “MiddleFinger” which is to be influenced by the aforementioned finger-bone. Movements of that bone will influence the vertices (“points”) that belong to this group and no other.

You’ll get more and better help here if you use something approaching proper English: Sentences with capitals at the beginning and punctuation at the end. Spell out words instead of using kool Internet abbreviations. Minimize the use of frustration smileys.

Some of us are not even native english speakers, imagine how hard is to understand what you wrote in order to help you… %|

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