I read the section in wikibook Noob to pro that tells you how to set up an armature system so that your object has bones, but when I tried it, doing everything exactly the way described, then went into pose mode and moved a bone, the object wouldn’t move with it, even when the bone was sticking out of the body.

You probably need to either 1) parent the armature to the mesh (select the mesh and then shift-select the armature then Ctrl-P->Make Parent to-> Armature and then there are options to use named vertex groups or envelopes … a bit involved to get in to here … look up armatures/vertex groups in the manual) or 2) apply the armature modifier to the mesh from the modifier stack - just put in the name of your armature in the OB: field .

Skinning a mesh to an armature can get pretty involved if you want your mesh to deform properly right now . Currently in 2.45 we only have vertex groups, weight painting, and envelopes to assign vertices to an armature bone . You can get good results with those but it takes some patience and practice to get it right . You might want to look those up in the wiki manual also .

But if you just want a super easy I don’t want to learn all this stuff right now I just want to move my character now method just go to and download a recent SVN build of Blender and use the dual quaternion option now available . You will have to use the Ctrl-P method and just select Quaternion to let Blender automatically assign bone weights for you .

And this should have been posted in the Animation Support section of the forum …

Ok thanks!