armaure parent mesh

i have armature, acions and mesh on it. armature is dyn. actor.
in game mode it sudenly changes position (if actor -jumping etc.)
rotation doing around some remote poiint etc.

i suspect it smth. wrong in transformations\objects_center\parenting\etc, but can’t understand it and going mad.

please, need help.

problem .blend file you can find here

that’s what happened to me when i tried to use bullet physics in my game. igf you are trying to use bullet, try switching to sumo and see what happens

nope. check the file. original hero on layer 2 is ok.
it is gay from “CameraCollisionDetection.blend”, i just edit mesh.

but it common problem for me now, because i cant understand how objects center works with transformaions ect.

for examlpe, then you do addObject from another object parent to third(scaled), new obj is scaled too.

and i am trying do “apply tranform” and so on childrens and parents, moving in edit mode, centering etc, but result always not the same, and i don’t understand how it really works…