Armd project W.I.P. // 360º view simulation space battle scene previz// Blender 2.8 eevee

*( plug headphones or surround system for better experience)

Not long ago, a pair of friends and i thought about making a 360 space battle short movie. The progress has been a bit slow due to life duty, so i decided to make a small previz scene to spice things up and hype ourselves to see how would looks like.

You may find unfinished texturing or edgy models…the point of this video its not to be a finished product but as previz focus on the animation, the pace and the point of view from the user…and also more stuff to put in my oncoming demoreel to fill it up :slight_smile:

Would you be excited to ride on a 5 to 8 minutes 360º space battle animation? or you´ll get sick after 3 turns and jump out of the cockpit? Do a barrel roll & comment


Wow, the dynamic movements look like in Star Wars ep.3!!! Good job!

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oh man thats the best compliment anyone could make to this video :smile: obviously is inspired by that ep III intro that slaped my face with a big HOOOly Wow…and said to myself,someday i would love to do something like that. Not the same ILM quality standard…but made me happy to get a little close to it. Thanks a lo for the comment my friend

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