Armed Earth


Thats my Earth… with some Guns.
It is for an Animation, called “War of the Worlds” :smiley:
The Idea is old, the first time i made something like that was before a few Months… if anyone wants to see that picture, here is the Link to the old Picture : Old Version

This is the new one. It isn’t finished yet… but i dont have any ideas what i could change :frowning: Any Ideas?

Maybe is the Picture too dark for someone, i have a really bright TFT Screen… sry 4 that :slight_smile:

I think you need a transition between the weaponry and the earth (where the atlantic ocean is)

i think that since this is intended to be funny you dont really need a transition between gun + earth, looks fine as is IMO.

but the earth texture looks a little out of place, it doesnt fit in with the cartoony look. it may be that it is a tad blurry due to either AA or a low quality texture.

looks nice though :slight_smile: