Armed Space Hauler - SS XL 25G

A starship I am working on.

One of the things I need to do is learn how to add fire flares coming out of the jets.

Criticism welcome.



I don’t like the shiney chrome. It looks like some sort of fancy table decoration. :-?

Good point,

I kinda like it but, I may try some different variations on tex.

Thank you

okay, some things to consider:

{1} texturing. if nothing else, make some parts of the ship a darker variation of the chrome. whenever i make a ship, i have a ‘hull’, ‘hull-dark’, and ‘hull-white’. that way there’s some variation in the hull coloring. also, if the ship isn’t new, it won’t be very shiny, even if it satred out that way. a cargo hauler is out in space a lot, so it probably gets pretty roughed up.