Armitured char shows up as completely rigid

I’ve made an armitured char with a walk-cycle animation. I’ve converted it all to lpo and I’ve attached the object to the action that the armiture lpo created when I clicked “bake”. Am I going about this the wrong way?

when I click “P” my char shows up but it’s completely rigid, not responding to the animation in any way. I’ve attached logic bricks to play the lpo whenever I click, but it doesn’t respond in any way. Is there a setting I’m missing or am I just completely going about it the wrong way?

Im pretty shure the bake button does not work.
It will create an action with a bunch of empty keys except for your ik handle.

Using armature actions in the game engine really works the best. Try to find a tutorial. But just in case, make sure your using vertex groups and not envelope. I’ve never used the bake, but I know that envelope will freeze an animation.

ok, I tried applying the armature modifier to the mesh, the mesh went to the frame one pose, but didn’t follow any of the animation…I’m missing something and can’t figure it out based on the tutorials I’ve been following, I’ll look for another

Okay, I’ve got that working but I’ve got another issue

I’ve got eyes tracking to a bone in front of the character. When I enter the game engine one of the eyes disappears and the other one rotates backwards into the head (this is at full resting position, no animation.

Did you use normal tracking? As in Ctrl+T? You have to use an edit object actuator and select Track To.

Right now it’s a constraint. I can add an actuator, but is it not possible to track to a bone within an armature?

Create an Empty and vertex-parent it to a vertice that is affected by the bone. THen, track to the empty

that’s what I ended up doing, thanks.