Armor of Energy - My First completed project

An “old” work of mine. This was the first project after 3 months of learning in Blender. I still remember that i was fascinated with it (still i am, but not as much as when i was noobier).


About the armor:
A Mysterious armour that emanates a powerfull and dread energy, found inside an asteroid buried in the depths of chaotic areas of the Devil’s Sea, and which origins are unknown. It seems to be some kind of space suit with a strange aesthetic.
Very few is known about this armor. You can hear voices in your head and your dreams while wearing it.
It seems that it has the ability to use ENERGY for many purposes like creating light, throw energy strikes, turn its wearer into a lighting bolt to destroy, and more. It remains unknown if it has more uses or “abilities”.

Here with better ilumination

(BTW, if it bugs you the “awful” looking space in the crotch, im pretty sure is a perspective thing)

I hope you enjoyed it ^^

Now… feel free to make your critiques :wink: i’ll apreciate it, they will help me to improve.

(EDIT: Forgot to say, everything made with Blender and GIMP)



The pictures are not showing for me.