so im still trying to get kind of a progress report for my blending skills, newbie, been in it for a month now. here is some armor ive done, any critz would be welcomed, if not needed.


Is this the picture you are complaining about not gettin any feedback on? No crits are needed at such an early stage, as there is’nt enough of the model there yet to give an accurate representation of a finished work. The members on this forum will look at your image and try to imagine what it is you are trying to do, and post a comment accordingy, to help you improve your model and get it to the stage you want it to be at. What you have here looks promising, but theres simply not enough there to give the viewer an idea of what you want to achieve, making it hard to comment on. The best way to get feedback, is to post an image and ask for specific feedback on it. Theres no background in your image, but is it really helpful for me to say “add a background.” The armour has no contents, is it helpful to say “model a knight for inside your armour”? No, its not, because we dont know if you imaagine your finished piece with a knight wearing armour, or simply a still life composition featuring some armour composed with other object.

My advice is to post updates as you model, if you get stuck post a pic and describe your problem, trust me you will be helped.

I hope your model goes well and i would like to see it progress. This is a 200+ word reply to a two-line topic with a small image attachment, it’s more than anyone else would get but hopefully now you can take advantage of this forum and its many members a bit better! Good luck.

Well, this armour appears paper-thin at the moment, and it still needs to be set smooth. Also, please have your work central to the image and large enough to see well, at the moment you have an 800x600 image with only about 200x100 of that being used! Move the camera so it fills most of the picture and is central. I would also suggest finishing the model before working on materials. Finally, I would suggest posting some references or sketches of what the final armour design will look like.