This is my latest work.

Thank you!

very nice modeling and texturing!
The background lacks of interest… it should remind of an old castle, with battles and blood…
Try putting a better warm light from one side, and a pillar, or an arch…
Just my 2 cents, btw great work as I said before!

great image! very good materials, imho. I would like to see a bigger image…

I second that! Very nice work :slight_smile:

Awesome job! Think you can make a bigger picture though? The peices look like they have alot of cool details, but with such a small picture its hard to take advantage of that.

great rendering and textures.

just one thing, those pieces were never completly
scratch free.


freaking awesome.
Hey you think you could post tutorials on how you made them. And are you going to put them up for download.

Awesome texturing/materials.

I agree about scratches, also… the lighting needs to be darker. it looks outdoors and it should look dim like from candlelight


Thank you for your comments, jazzroy, darko, Litterate, Carbon, cekuhnen, orclord, The Avenger and jessethemid.

I added larger image per your request.
And I added some scratch. Thank you, cekuhnen. you have always commented some advise.

And this scene is outside. I can’t agree to add some candle light. But I agree to modify its background adding some object (arch or pillar). Before do that, I would like to put these armors on a human or elf. Then, change the background. That is better, I think, because current scene is just putting armor…
It is hard to imagine a story from this work…
Ah! I need more practice to create a human. I tried to create it, but I failed several times!!

Thank you,