armord mask. (need help and advice)

this is my progress so far (my second clay model) please tell me how can i improve the texture i would like to give it more of a metallic texture/material kinda like an armored plating type thing. i would really like some information as to how to do it and any advice i can get will be appreciated but i really want to know how to give it a clean metallic texture.

Metal is more reflective. This means both having a reflective material, and having something in the environment for the material to reflect. Adding a reflective shader will resolve the first issue and using an ‘environment map’ will resolve the second,

ok how is this so far. i am working on the body as well and i am reasonably happy with the hair but i am not sure as to how to apply different textures to different parts. it just doesn’t look right to me any advice…

how is this

“how is this”?

That question is almost impossible for an outsider to answer. Your image is taking shape as possibly armor and clothing for a humanoid character, possibly the character itself. But it is not realistic, nor is it recognizable as a version of some character that is already fully realized. There is no way to tell how much of the image is a result of your control of the medium, how much is happy accident you have decided to incorporate into the project, and how much you aren’t happy with but can’t fix so you’ve left it in.

We simply cannot get inside your head to see your artistic vision to compare it with this realization of that vision, and we have no external references regarding what you are trying to create.

Your original question was about making a metalic armor plate. If that is still your concern, you have a ways to go. The mask and other hard surfaces still do not look like reflective metal. Investigate environment maps as a light source.