Armored FS100 Fighter

Very heavy Armored fighter, very strong hull plating :yes:…

Full Res

I spend more than 4 hours making it and i declared a first version finish, even when there is still lots of details and fixes to make, i’ll continue developing it till the point i can make an animation with it…

Render in cycles, composed with the background in Blender compo.


Heavy Armored indeed! Hate to come across a fighter in a dogfight… If I knew how to fly a plane.

Dude! Nice work! Can’t wait to see a animation!!

This thing looks like an F-16 mated with a Gundam.

In other words, AWESOME

Im almost tempted to use this as my desktop wallpaper, great work

Great model reminds me of robotech yf-1 but cooler nice job

Great model reminds me of robotech yf-1 but cooler nice job

Whao, very cool!

The low-contrast low-saturation render style really works for it as well. Nice one :slight_smile:

It looks fantastic, great job!

How did you create the clouds, they are beautiful.

Beautiful render. I wonder how much it weighs?

I spend more than 4 hours making it

I think it would take me 400 hours.

More like an F-4 Phantom with a hint of F-14, but still really, really cool.

Magnificent work! I’m working on an aircraft right now too, so this is a huge insipration for me :slight_smile:

really awesome work! can’t wait to see the animation.

Hi, Agus3D!
It’s very impressive! Congrats! :slight_smile:
Please, make some tips - your steps or some “making of” if it’s possible.
I can’t figure out how can it be made in four hours! :)) Including sketching work?

Great image and also featured on BA Facebook Page!

One of a kind model :slight_smile:

…Really amazing stuff, 5*. Just one crit: Blender Logo is reversed/mirrored :wink:

no it’s not… :smiley:
this is absolutely incredible…i can only dream of being able to model this well…

:o…Crap, you right…sorry! Can’t believe I made that mistake? Just looked funny to me on the plane:confused: