Armored Spartan

I just finished exams and I wanted a project to work on during the break and so I decided to jump into character modeling. I’ll spare everyone the details and just show what I have right now which is a very basic human mesh and a half-finished breastplate. Please critique unless of course you want to wait until I have something finished.


Looks good so far, military or police, or other? I think the more you get done, the more c&c you’ll get. Keep at it.




I’m almost done the breastplate but it doesn’t have straps yet; anyway here’s a crispy clay render :smiley:


Hey, that’s looking great, I guess I should have read the title. Are you planning on doing his shield and swords and spears…etc? Can’t wait to see the helmet.

Your avatar makes me smile :slight_smile: . No crits so far, just a suggestion that you should extrude the clothing inwards to add depth.

The helmet was hastily put together and I’ll probably revisit it but I’m moving onto shin guards. Also thanks for watching, I’ll need all the help I can get when I’m rigging/modeling the body!

@Gally - I can’t decide whether sword or spear, but I’m leaning more to spear and definitely a shield :cool:

Important!!! Which do you think would look better, a sideways plume or a forward one? (The forward plume is the current choice)


The forward plume is superior. A sideways plume looks rather ridiculous, in my opinion.Are you going to add more detail to your human model?

The character its self needs more work on it.the shoulder should be more broader, add more muscles,and work on the body parts proportions well.
you may need to study some refrence images for this.

Take a look at the following links.They may give you inspiration about texturing and modeling :wink:

@ShadowFantasy1 - forward plume it is!

@AMFATY - I let the armor take priority over the body for now :cool:

@MrNoodle - thanks for the links, can’t wait to start texturing this thing!

update :eyebrowlift2:

before I declare the armour done any suggestions? I still need to extrude the planes, make straps, clean up the shin gaurds, and perhaps dent the helmet and/or breastplate. I’ll try to start developing the body but weapons are so tempting :evilgrin:


smallish update…

arms have been improved a little, very basic shoes, and shield/spear. Do you think I should add a sword?

Also I blocked in some colors to give an idea of what the spartan looks like. I’d like to start getting some critique at this point so just drop a comment if you have the time. I’m going to be doing some extensive reading on rigging and try to bake a cloth simulation for the cape.

thanks :slight_smile:


Nice but the breast plate should end a little higher up and the skirt thingy should start at the breastplate ending and end right above the knees

or the knees R just to short

you raised a good point, I think the enlarged breastplate is making the legs look smaller.

that looks awesome! the armor is really cool :smiley:

yeah, i think Shield and Spear fit for Greek soldiers :smiley: that’s what they used… - well, Hoplites at least :smiley: i don’t know much about Spartans, apart from the fact that Athens and Sparta were often at war during a period of ancient history…

the armor is really awesome :smiley: (shoot, tried to write in Greek in Office Word, but it won’t copy into here…lol) :-DDD

Im trying to replicate this breastplate for texturing and short of opening up photoshop and coloring it I was wondering how i could make the material fade to black in corners.

heres a link to the reference image:

Since rigging was one of the things I have to do next I’ve been holding back; but I did try to do a simple arm rig (some might recognize it from the essential blender :o ). So I was having trouble with shoulder mobility. Is there a way to fix this problem with a better rig, weight painting, etc.?

I have a GIF on deviantart but I don’t know how to post it here so I’ll just give the link:

  1. Try to add a few extra loops to the arms and mess with the envelopes a little.
  2. do the above, but instead of envelope adjustment, weightpaint it.
  3. move where the joints are around.
    good luck :smiley:

i think your breastshield plate is too square it should follow the body shape
larger at the top and smaller at the bottom!

i did an old sword for a roman soldier and if you model the twisted handle you might get something like 8 000 vertices to get a nice render for it
but depends what precision you need for your model

keep up the good work

hope to see some good texturing for this should look very nice

happy blendering

This the best thing for the Security guard who give duty in mid night.Its good thing and much protected.