Armored Spectre (WIP Game character)

I wanted to post my progress so far on a character ive been working on. The character is one of the ‘monsters’ for a game me , another artist and some programmers are making for our TAFE (a type of college here in Australia) course over the course of 6 months. Obviously 6 months isnt a long time so the scope of the game itself is fairly limited but its a nice start for someone like myself that (one day) wants to be part of the industry.

Ive named it the Armored Spectre as it is a ghost that has become bound to the armor it once wore in life. Its a primary isometric view game so it doesn’t have to be the highest quality model but since i also have to use it for an in game cut-scene (another part of this project) im still putting in a degree of detail.

This will be the first time for me making a full character along with rigging and animations like this without using tutorials so im hoping it turns out well. But hey , gotta start somewhere. I had meant to post this a few days ago before i started modeling but i haven’t gotten around to it.

Concept :

Ive now finished most of the modeling. I still want to add some extra details through multi-res baking though. Im also going to start rigging now.