ArmorPaint - is it made out of Blender?

Hello, is it true that ArmorPaint is made from Blender code? Screens look kind of same. Did someone use this AP? I heard that nodes are there and this is the one feature I miss in SP. Does those nodes compatible with blender?

I had a peek at their code. It is written in Haxe (which is Actionscript) and it looks like their architecture is nothing close to Blender. But perhaps in terms of UI since they know that lots of Blender users might go for this software (rather than the other very expensive commercial) and they wanted to achieve some similarity.

To elaborate a bit on what const mentioned, it’s not based on Blender code since it’s written in an entirely different language (Haxe) with entirely different frameworks, Iron and Kha. Iron and Kha is the same that powers the Armory3D engine, which is a Blender addon so it makes sense to keep a visual similarity to Blender.

Armorpaint does have basic .blend file parsing at the moment, as well as support for a few nodes, such as principled and image nodes last I tried.

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