Armory Engine Feedback: Armory at Blender Conference!

(adriansnetlis) #201

This is up to you on how you implement it. It will definetly be possible(as it’s possible in every engine). However, I hope that lubos will implement tesselation lod for terrains and other things to provide detailed performance(or high-performing detail, call what you like).

(BluePrintRandom) #202

Streaming new terrain and saving old terrain changes to disk, is something you really want designed into the engine, for instance grand theft auto.

(quickmind) #203

I just dont Like the Idea of paying for the engine…I just want to dive into it and see how it is…and maybe doing something fun inside of it :slight_smile:

(elmeunick9) #204

Well he said that the engine is open source, so there is no way you must pay to use it. However if you want to sell whatever you do with it, you’ll need a license, as far as I understand that’s what you would have to pay for.

The reason you can’t dive into it right now it’s becouse it’s not been released yet, this is a WIP project after all.

(adriansnetlis) #205

Opposite to what you say. He can sell open-source( = GPL) software freely. However, you don’t have any limitations of further distribution. If you wish, you can sell it further, change, publish modified versions etc. And you’re totally allowed to do it due to license. Go to GPL site and read a bit:)

(quickmind) #206

Does that mean That I can compile the source code for free?

(adriansnetlis) #207

If you get it, than of course. As it is open-source, than it’s most likely GPL 3.0. Just read about it here.

(quickmind) #208

Ah ok thanks

(SolarLune) #209

There are programs out there that are open-source, but that one can pay to support the developers and use. Aseprite comes to mind as one.

(elmeunick9) #210

I’m pretty sure Armory isn’t GPL. Armory isn’t attached to Blender in any way (only the addon, which is GPL becouse of blender). Armory doesn’t have any need to use GPL and seeing how most game engines and developers run away from GPL I doubt a lot that Armory will end using this license.

Yep, but that’s paying for support, not for the software, it’s quite diferent. Open source doesn’t neescesarly mean free, for example Qt is open source but costs about 200$ to get a license in order to sell applications made with it (and it’s free otherwise)

(adriansnetlis) #211

Is there else open-source license than GPL? I am getting very, very surprised.

Hm… I just installed Qt(from their home site) and played around with Blender’s source code. And it didn’t seem to make any sense of being paid. How could they detect it? Or does Qt compiler hardcode a line somewhere which says “MADE WITH QT”?

(agoose77) #212

There are loads of open source licenses besides GPL, to the point that most people discourage others from using it - there are better options.

(agoose77) #213

I’m not sure what you mean by ‘can they detect it’, but effectively, licensing only works if people respect them, and that can be enforced if the company using licenses are large enough to be held to account (lawsuit) or the platforms hosting their content respect the license.

(English is not my native language) #214

I guess you’re referring to those who want to sell proprietary Qt applications, not open source Qt applications.

(elmeunick9) #215

Yes, but technically you’re wrong. You could make an open source application but sell it (if you copyright the source code but made it public, nobody is allowed to use it but your app is still “open source”, even though it doesn’t have an open source license), in that case you would also have to pay. You have to pay if you do an application using Qt with comercial purpose, it doesn’t metter if it is open source or not.

This however is just an example, Qt usues a dual license in order to do that, but whatever license system will use Armory is still unknown, it could be like Qt (Free for non comercial), like Unreal (Free until X benefice) or like any of these with a propiertary license. I personally think it will be something like Unreal or Qt, but only lubos knows.

Extending what agoose77 said, which is right, they can detect it very easily, just like with any other library you use in an application. If you use the library with “dinamic linking” then they only need to find the “.dll” or “.so” files of the library itself, even if you change the names they will also find it (they will just compare the contents). If you use statically linking it’s the same but they will have to search inside the object code of your app. They doesn’t even need a 100% match, they can use some keypoints. For example if there is a function that’s called “QtFunction”, well prety sure that is part of Qt.

P.S. BSD-2 and MIT are my favorite open source licenses by the way. Simple and clear, not like GPL.

(Sirgeorge) #216

I’ve seen lots of software/assets/ect (all of it entirely in the Blender community funny enough) that is under a GPL license but is behind a paywall. Funny situation the whole thing is in but ya. As for this software, from what I’ve seen him wright, this sucker is going to eventually go free and what not but funding needs to be risen for him to continue either living or funding for tools or a combination of those two goals. Regardless, we’ll see it go full blown free for all soon enough. Everyone needs just compensation though so for a while things will be a bit complicated from what I’ve seen. What I’m interested in is finally being able to take a look at it and judge for myself what the first version of this bleeding edge software will look like and how it will act. We’ll just have to wait and see. By the end of this month the situation should change.

(Smoliterno) #217

Lubos, first of all, great work! looks really amazing. But i would like you to reconsider leaving an open window for python scripting, maybe a non multiplataform mode were we can use python for scripting. I´ve been learing python for a months now, just getting into bge python and it will be a boomer if there comes an alternative GE, fully integretable (dont konow if that word exists jaja) with blender, and cycles support that uses only an other language, my game maker dreams would be crushed jajaja.

I dont know about making a GE, couldnt help you with any of the software development, maybe its hard to get 2 languages to work, dont know, but maybe it wouldnt be a bad idea to have a standalone plataform mode where you could use python scripting, as a secound choice for developing games within the engine. My game idea actually isnt gameplay friendly with mobile devices or tocuh screen devices… not even with console joysticks, its a mouse a keyboard game, and it the only way to play it.

Hope you could give it a second tought. If it is imposible or very hard ignore my mesage.

Thanks a lot for the work you are doing and sorry for my crappy english.

(DoubleZ_) #218

Any good news about the first release ?

(Sirgeorge) #219

About 10 or so more days to go I believe before we will hear the news about the release. He did say end of the month.

(DoubleZ_) #220

Give me the quote about that then. I’m sorry but the only “at the end of the month” I’ve saw was said at the month of may.