Armory Engine Feedback: Armory at Blender Conference!

(adriansnetlis) #261

With dynamic day night cycle? It already seems that I’ll love it.

By the way - clearcoats aren’t hard to add in, but they’re often useful(e.g. for car paint, clearcoated floors). There must also be support for seperate normalmap of clearcoat or no normalmap of clearcoat(a bit of performance hit, but allows to do even better stuff):slight_smile:

Very promising, I am starting to feel like I’ll want to use this for projects.

By the way - will there be text scripting aviable with Python and/or other languages? For simple things nodes are better, but for large and complex scripts it seems to be better to use text scripts.

For water - make sure to add subsurface scattering effect. It’s a cool thing that you really want.

(SolarLune) #262

This looks really great. Can’t wait to see the release trailer.

(Nicholas_A) #263

Sorry, i havent been keeping up. When will this be released?

(Sanne) #264

lubos, you are a wizard, those island shots look amazing. I’m very excited about this project, thank you for sharing your progress! Looking forward to the trailer.

(adriansnetlis) #265

Soon you’ll have the graphics level of UE4(or even better). And it seems that this will have full Linux support(including tesselation) as it’s originally done in OpenGL rather than being converted to it. Also it will be inside the nice Blender editor which I’m so used to. Amazing! I can’t wait for it:)

(adriansnetlis) #266

By the way - it seems that those palms got translucent leaves with scattered transmited light(subsurface scattering). Am I right?
Also, recently you told that you’r doing this on some sort of integrated intel card.
I want you to wite down:

  • computer specs
  • resolution at which you run game
  • what post-process filters have you enabled
  • how much FPS you get

I already got a feeling that your engine could be better optimized than many others, but I wanna make sure.

I can’t wait for release. It seems that I’ll be using this one on after release. I am wondering if it can beat Unreal Engine 4 - soon I’ll find out.

(Sirgeorge) #267

I suspect the first version will be good but it won’t beat UE4 on release. If the VERY FIRST version manages to beat UE4 on RELEASE then you’ve got already topped the charts. I think it will EVENTUALLY, hopefully, beat UE4 in terms of graphical fidelity but not at the beginning. Keeping expectations at a nice constant medium and boosting to get the engine to become better and better and to release is, as I see it, the best way to ensure the largest, and healthiest, community and the best results for this engine.

I've been keeping my "OMG this is going to beat UE4" feelings low played because I don't want to have Armory engine go through a "Trough of Disillusionment" section on the Garner Hype Curve. and would rather go from "Innovation Trigger" directly to the "Plateau of Productivity". Oh and I don't want to make Lubos think he's got an impossible mountain to climb by expecting him to make an engine, by himself, to beat UE4.

(adriansnetlis) #268

Yeah… I mean the same. Engine can’t be perfect just after first release. Unless it’s released only when truly finished.
What I hope is that this engine will have no bugs and issues, or at least I won’t notice them.

Keep your job, lubos!:slight_smile:

(rogper) #269

The only thing I care about now it’s the price :slight_smile:
Do you already have a fixed number for us Lubos?

(Smoliterno) #270

I was coming to see the same thing! the price? and will the price get free update versions, or they will be purchase apart?

An other thing, what was the language script to be used for game fisics? Was it Boo, Hex? dont remember! so i can take a look in advance. Shame you couldnt add Python as well, im on a 4 month python learning :frowning: jajaja. but well, thats how the cookie crumbles! lets learn a new language.

(adriansnetlis) #271

I thought lubos told this is gone be free(or something like - pay what you want) engine…

(Sirgeorge) #272

First releases like this tend to have a lot of bugs on the first version. As for the price, last I heard it was considered open source but to actually get the official download you would need to go through a paywall (similar to plugins like Retopoflow). It’s a strange proprietary way of doings things that I’ve ONLY seen members of the Blender community use. Remember, this engine is in PRE-ALPHA for its first release so…bugs. Updates will probably resolve that but ,initially, I don’t think it will go well for a “bugless experience”. Also, noticing a lot of posts lately. This is good.

(SilentRainstar) #273

It means that Lubos will be able to dedicate more time to this. I don’t know about you, but I’m willing to pay whatever he’s asking if it means he has the ability to be financially sound by just working on the engine.

(rogper) #274

…Well, not “whatever he’s asking”, because Epic used to ask for 50000 USD for their Unreal engine :stuck_out_tongue: But something reasonable yeah… someone that is doing something cool should be encouraged to keep doing it for a long period of time and for that needs to get payed :yes:
Even if Armory was 100 USD, then, let’s say it had, in about one year, 1000 users (considering that it’s the most promising BGE replacement) that would be 100000 USD for Lubos.

(adriansnetlis) #275

I think that Armory should go like Cryengine V does - if the user wants(and can) pay $1000 - let him do it, else if user wishes to pay as much as possible, but can’t afford much - $50 will be fine, else if user wants to pay, but doesn’t want to spend all his money on the engine - pay $15, but if user doesn’t want to pay(or literally can’t afford to do it) - pay $0. And of course, every single number inbetween given ones(e.g. $20, $55.99 etc.) should also be allowed.
Armory could do as Unreal Engine does now, but… It needs strong fundbase to be able to do it. However, I’d prefer to get the engine for free and once finished a game, pay lubos some % of my income. In long terms lubos would receive more, but at least I wouldn’t have to clear my parents wallets and thus live hungry cause of no money left. Surely, I wouldn’t like to owe lubos by getting engine for free, but never saying a financial thanks.
It’s all up to lubos, though, and I’m sure he will decide wisely;)

(Smoliterno) #276

Its a question of money availability (is this a word… dont know). Im a user that can afford a 100 USD license now, 30 years old, working man jajaja, can give me the luxury of paying, and i will, even python scripting will not be allowed… just for the sake of testing and helping this project grow! because i think its the only real dev besides UPBGE that could give the BGE a quality jump that some people have been asking for… my self, happy with the actual engine, im a one man team and i know where to draw the line of what i can and cant do, and the BGE is suficient to me. But lets hope theres a free alternative, case, numbers at last is what makes an engine alive.

Maybe with the full free altenative, all your game demos could be posted in the Armory Engine webpage, so it gets traffic and money from ads… maybe. dont know, hope lubos find a way to get a free version out there, and if it is the case, dont worry lubos, i will chip in even though there is a free alternative!

(kolas) #277

Is there any chance to get High-quality anti-aliasing, like Supersampling, or at least MSAA? I would love to see it. Temporal AA, FXAA, SMAA these ones are not so good. No other anti-aliasing does not give such a good result as Supersampling.

(soulfire) #278

Hey Lubos, did you see
SEGI tech, a voxel-based Global Illumination pipeline for Unity engine.
I wish this could be integrated in Blender generally at some point.
So in Blender Render, Cycles and BGE\Armory.
SEGI is need Dx11 but maybe Blender could adapt it with Vulcan after 2.8.
SEGI requires no precomputation so it’s realtime and this tech could rid Cycles noise completely.

I will make separate thread about it.

(Sirgeorge) #279

If he does choose to head down the path of selling subscriptions and have set prices for it. I hope that he has an offer for a full time subscription because if you plan on using the engine for 10+ years, you’ll find it nice to have to only pay the price of 3-5 years worth for it. Sorta like a “lifetime subscriber” kind of thing. Though, keeping up with the spirit of Blender would provide big community support bonus for him on top of funding him. What I mean by this is allow it to be downloaded through Github while still asking for a fixed price on something like the Blender market and having a “pay what you can” option on another market. A “Blender Humble Bundle” would be great for blender and if one were to ever show up, people like him would hugely benefit from it. That’s just an example of a future payment option. Honestly, best case scenario is he finds a patron that’ll fund him and he can just give out the software. From what I’ve heard, he’s gotten a short term patron that has decided to fund him for the next couple of months. Regardless, keep up the good work and stop teasing us with the first release. We KNOW you’re just doing docs at this point with only miner tweaks to the code. You’re making the anticipation so high. :wink:

(Smoliterno) #280

what if going to be the final scripting lagunage? Hex? Boo? Python :D? yes please! jjaja, dont remember what the scripting language was going to be, so i can take an overview of it.