Armory Engine Feedback: Armory at Blender Conference!

(elmeunick9) #281


From website:

As this is the first beta version of SEGI, compatibility is limited. SEGI has only thoroughly been tested on a Windows PC; behavior on other platforms is unknown. Improving compatibility is of high priority. SEGI requires DX11. SEGI is not compatible with mobile devices, and probably never will be.


Haxe is the language in wich Armory is built and the language you will use (when not using nodes) for scripting.


Don’t hype too much yet will ya, it’s too soon to discuss how will it be priced when there hasn’t been a single release yet. If you really wanna know and want to test it go to the github and compile it youselfs (if you can).

(soulfire) #282

@elmeunick9 ,what about adapted SEGI ideas mentioned in development roadmap but running on Vulcan?
I believe SEGI pipeline written in Vulcan could have lead to no precomputation, realtime render in BR and Cyc.
I think some companies are already looking in that direction not just for Vulcan but Dx12 also.
I would like to hear Blender devs,@lubos, path tracing and raster programmers thoughts on SEGI.

(Mistran) #283

Lubos Here’s a zip with logos, ready to download:)

(Frederick D) #284

Hey Lubos,

Not sure where you are located, but how about presenting the engine at Bconf 2016?

(Sirgeorge) #285

Hey, the website is in the process of being updated. Here is the site with the new look and new information on it: . That should give more information to chew on.

(Smoliterno) #286

there´s the price! lubos what will be de paying method? Webpay? Paypal? would like to get the preview version… hopefully that also will entitle me to the full one once is realesed! :smiley:

(Leralasss) #287

noticed some typos on the buy page:

avaialble (line 1), unfortunatelly (last paragraph line 2), maintaned (last paragraph line 3)

(lubos) #288

Dang, got caught by surprise, had no idea anyone would notice the new website! Pardon all the typos(thanks @Leralass) and missing info, it’s still mostly unfinished. :spin:

Everything is slowly filling up though, I got a glimpse of hope that I can finally get it to release stage! There is a short video up on setting up add-on from scratch, probably useless for the Blender guys though.

About beating up UE4 - that is not going to happen any time soon. UE4 guys are very, very smart and are working on UE for a very, very long time. Please take all this only as a foundation that may hopefully lead to some bigger things eventually. While I hope that everyone who decides to support the project and gets the preview version will already find useful perks in it, it’s far from a magic wand that produces awesome graphics and has all the features. Please keep that in mind, otherwise this turns into No Man’s Sky situation and I will jump out of window. :evilgrin:

About the performance - I will provide a set of Armory-built webgl demos on the website, so everyone can test how the thing runs on his machine beforehand. (Even though webgl is considerably slower than native desktop build - I will try to state everything as clearly as I can.)

About the price - obviously having this paid is far from what I would dream of. Again, please take this as the first phase. I don’t expect many people to get in, but for those who do I will be able to quickly dedicate support and see what areas are most troubling. Of course there will be no paid updates, if you decide to hop in and support the project then I already owe you an endless gratitude(and all upcoming engine updates). As soon as things get more comfortable(ie. less bugs, more learning material, more people interested) pay what you want model may be suitable.

About the anti-aliasing(@kolas): Supersampling is doable, it’s the simplest one to achieve but extremely performance hungry, as you end up shading single pixel more than once. With the benefit of quality. For forward paths, MSAA is also easy to enable. All AA techniques will have a separate page dedicated in manual. Still, temporal AA is technically not that far from super sampling(plus when artefacts/ghosting is correctly handled), so the quality should be at least decent, certainly higher than FXAA. If you browse the SIGGRAPH 2016 page on rendering, it’s all about temporal AA. :slight_smile:

@Mistran: thank you once again for the logos! :slight_smile:

About SEGI - Their solutions looks proprietary, but more and more similar techniques are getting there, it’s a wise idea to keep close look at it.

Visiting Bconf 2016 itself would be amazing, let alone presenting Armory if possible. I am currently focused on getting the thing out as a priority, but will definitely keep an eye on it.

PS: Found the first ever screenshort I took, on August 31st 2014. If anything, the persistence at pumping all energy into this project is surprising. :evilgrin:

(jovlem) #289

Did you talk with the Blender foundation ( with Ton Roosendaal ) about your engine?

While this is build as an addon, it seems to be much more than that.

If you read this roadmap article, at the bottom there is a section about the game engine ( BGE ). It’s about making the game engine more like an “interactive mode”, and make it so it works toghether with cycles.

And if I understand everything correctly, you have already done this with your engine!
Artist can use it, when they give a presentation at a company, to give realtime interactive demo’s.
That same artist can also use it to make some really high-ress renders in cycles. As it uses the same nodes as cycles it shoudn’t be a lot of work to do that.

And on top of that you also updated the game engine, for which a lot of fans are screaming for some time.

So, I actually can’t understand that they don’t give any support.
Offcourse there is still some work to do, but some support would make it easier I guess.
In my opinion this would be a really great ( default ) feature if it would be in Blender version 2.8.

(Mistran) #290

Lubos, It was an honor for me and I am happy that I could help this great project:)

(agoose77) #291

This engine isn’t quite the design laid-out by the design doc for interactive mode. It offloads the game loop to a separate application, using Blender effectively as the editor. The interactive mode proposal was intended to give Blender more “interactive” features.

(Nicholas_A) #292

I understand why python is not supported but it should be if your going to make the game just for computers.

(elmeunick9) #293

It’s easier to just learn haxe don’t you think? Making support for any scripted language it’s not something easy to do, it’s not like changing a setting, there is a lot of work involved. Depending on how he compiles Armory (and I don’t know), if he does it in a way that you can make C API calls then a wrapper for Python/Lua/C# or any other language would be possible, however lubous would have to put a lot of work into doing this redundant APIs instead of putting the effort on the engine itself (and I don’t think nor he nor us want that).

And in fact, even if Python support existed, the API would be so diferent from BGE’s that whatever knowloadge or experience you have from Python in BGE would be worthless.

(BluePrintRandom) #294

If the ui behaves the same way (editing and interactions) the users would not know the difference,
so in theory, you could build a similar in game infrastructure, that allows for in game editing to also effect the scene that the player started from?

using a python socket?

(Sirgeorge) #295

Of COURSE people noticed the website change. I’m looking for updates every day. I check the website and your Twitter every time and I’m subscribed on youtube. Oh by the way, I submitted your website to the way back machine and will be adding a record every time a change happens. Should be useful someday to keep a record.

 As for the whole UE4 thing, it's obvious that a new engine made by one person with much less development time wouldn't be able to beat it's competitor on release. The same was true for Blender on release. Assuming this engine will go where I think it will go, it'll be about two years after integration with blender before it can give UE a run for it's money.

 Ultimately things brake down to one thing, GET HYPED!!!...but not overly so.

(Sirgeorge) #296

So recently this thread passed its six month mark and if you’ve been keeping up with the Github commits, you would see how far things have come. As with what was to be expected, things are taking a bit more time then anticipated but it looks like things are going along nicely so I can’t wait to finally get my hands on the engine to start working with it. I’ve personally been preparing a few models and bits that I’ve made myself to see how they would handle in the engine. I’m sure it will provide a very nice early stress test. I hope that, once the engine is finally released, we can start seeing other people start to work to make tutorials and documentation on the engine and maybe even be able to make commits on github. Regardless, things seem to still be going swell.

(vlad1777d) #297

There is video with setup of this addon:

But where to download this addon?
I would test it.

(Sirgeorge) #298

an official finalized package hasn’t come out for the software yet. We’ve all been waiting for it to happen. Soon enough it will but at this point nothing is out yet.

(kolas) #299

You should check this website: There is a lot of screenshots and informations about the engine :slight_smile:

Anyway, I have a suggestion for @lubos
Is there any possibility to implement “Mesh blending”?

I think that is a great feature. I would like to see it.
Check these links, this could be helpful to understand how it works :yes:

(Sirgeorge) #300

You should check this website: There is a lot of screenshots and informations about the engine :slight_smile:

Ya I know about the twitter. It just hasn’t shown any official release date yet. Though it does have a lot of information I will say. As for the mesh blend, I have to say that is a feature I would want as well.